Sponsor Spotlight – The Libertore Fund for Children


The Libertore Fund for Children is a proud sponsor of KidsPACK.  Libertore believe that all children should have their basic needs met, but beyond that, they should have a safe, caring environment in which to live, mental/healthcare and nutrition services available, educational opportunities to ensure academic success, and ample food & water so they never go to bed or wake up hungry. Their goal is to raise money to support organizations that are dedicated to providing programs to meet these needs, similar to the objective as KidsPACK.

Fund the children Sponsor

kidsPACK is a non-profit organization supported by community leaders, corporate sponsors and volunteers dedicated to feeding disadvantaged children; giving them a backpack of nutritious food each Friday to sustain them on weekends when they do not have access to subsidized school meals.


Purpose :

Our purpose is to energize the local community to impact the lives of children. KidsPACK is based on a Simple Principle – ACTION! KidsPACK is a nonprofit organization supported by community leaders, corporate sponsors, churches and concerned citizens, joined with a core of volunteers throughout the County, dedicated to improving the lives and opportunities of children. Impacting the lives of children sparks a positive change and gives the opportunity for a child…

· To spend each day free of hunger

· To encourage learning and enhance abilities

· To experience the kind and compassionate heart of a giver


Thank you, Libertore Fund for Children, for supporting KidsPACK and feeding hungry children!

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