Our program sponsors and partners are the cornerstone of kidsPACK.

They are corporations, organizations and foundations. They are mayors, civic leaders and other public officials. They are public and nonprofit agencies. In the fight to end childhood hunger, they share their money, talent and resources. And they share our vision and help make that vision a reality. They are amazing. We can’t end hunger without them.

kidsPACK steadfastly seeks sponsors for students and school groups, but schools are also encouraged to acquire their own sponsors. Once sponsorship is established, kidsPACK volunteers will begin the process of scheduling weekly kidsPACK deliveries for each child.


Getting started is simple and only involves a few simple steps:

  • Establishing the number of ‘at risk’ children
  • Identifying a school liaison
  • Working with kidsPACK to set a weekly delivery schedule


Once the sponsorship is secured for a particular school, kidsPACK personnel will work with that school to identify a liaison to act as our contact for kidsPACK delivery and to qualify each student entered into the kidsPACK program.

Student qualification consists of:

  • Student qualifies for free school meals
  • Student is identified as being in an unusual circumstance that creates a high level of risk
  • Student does not have any reasons why the program would pose a risk
  • Student is deemed to be disadvantaged and at risk

For more information or to establish a kidsPACK program in your school, call 863.272.7927.

Our volunteers look forward to speaking with you and working together to bring “hope and charity” to the homeless and disadvantaged children in your community.