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kidsPACK – Supporting our Local Schools

It is unfathomable to believe that Polk County, FL has child hunger.  Our Central Florida Development Council writes “Whether you’re striking out on your own or with your family, Central Florida is a great place to settle down. The housing is affordable, the people are friendly, and the weather is enviable.  Perfectly positioned between the two major metro areas of Tampa and Orlando, Polk County gives its residents the best of both worlds, small-town charm, and big-city energy….”


kidsPACK exists solely to feed our students over the weekends when school is out to make sure they do not starve.  It is vital that children come to school ready to learn and you simply cannot do that if you have not eaten for days.  The kidsPACK program is in 79 schools throughout Polk County and 1 School located in Hillsborough County.  Students needing support with food live in almost every zip code around our county but they are almost invisible to our eyes because they attend school just like all other children that age but when they are out school almost 4,000 students go “home” to below par circumstances (as reported by PCSB HEARTH department) and do not know where their next meal will come from.

Enter kidsPACK who partners with schools who have identified a hunger issue with their students.  There are 152 Polk County Public Schools and kidsPACK is in 79 of these schools and during the 2021-2022 school year, kidsPACK feed 3,920 students for 36 weeks totaling 141,120 kidsPACK given out to provide our homeless and/or insecure students with 9 snacks, 1 juice and a spoon for each week including over the Holiday’s.

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Join us to end child hunger in our community

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