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George Goelz

Introducing kidsPACK most eager volunteer to take initiative...

Who is George Goelz besides one of the most dedicated, driven, patient volunteer at kidsPACK? George is a Navy veteran he served from 1970 – 1996 and after that he took on a government contracting roll until 2017. At that time, he finally retired for good! Wanting to give back to his community he went to goggle and looked up Non-profits and found kidsPACK. George now volunteers with kidsPACK, Inc. at least three days a week and coordinates all our packings. George is originally from New York and loves his sports – GO Yankee’s, Mets, Knicks, Giants, Rangers, Jet and all the rest. George has been married to his wife Eleanor for 51 years and they have one son named Gregory who works for Mosaic (Shout Mosaic for your 2022 Hoops for Hunger donation!)

We sat down with George before today’s volunteers showed up (Shout out to Mattress Firm!) to ask him why he is so passionate about kidsPACK.

George, why are you so dedicated to kidsPACK Mission of no child goes hungry?

“the last thing you want to see is a kid going hungry, adults have more avenues to obtain food, but our children are the most vulnerable”. “I am also impressed by all the Church support that is shown, the thousands of volunteers that help out in the warehouse and the businesses who sponsor kidsPACK”. “The issue is important to our community and so it is important to me”.

What do you like the most about kidsPACK?

“I get to meet a lot of people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. There are also many organizations and business who volunteer, and it is interesting to work with so many people in the community.”

If you could describe kidsPACK in one word what would it be?

“Dynamic, Relentless – nope I really can’t describe kidsPACK in one word. kidsPACK does so much with so little, I’ve watched opportunities arise and you all persevere, I have never witnessed something you cannot handle.” “I feel my volunteer work helps out in a small way as I witness the limited resources you have to run this Mission.”

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