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Grace Giving for kidsPACK

What can we write about Grace Giving for kidsPACK?

  • This group stepped up during the pandemic to help kidsPACK with food for our children!
  • Helped spread awareness about Child hunger in our own Community!
  • Recruited over 700 members to participate in supporting kidsPACK!
  • Donated more than $70,000 of product to kidsPACK!


In August of 2020, Debbie Miller started a Facebook group called Grace Giving for kidsPACK

The concept was simple, to help out kidsPACK with food. Because of the pandemic, buying food In bulk was no longer an option as a lot of food distributions had to shut down and quantities were just not available. Enter this group! Debbie, along with new members Dawn Holcomb, Stephanie Wagenbach, Candace Batman and Winter Hankins used their friends and family circles to join this Facebook group to learn more about kidsPACK, the hungry children that are suffering and to find the best deals and most need food items for kidsPACK!

Almost two years later, the group has grown to add more leaders and members to still help out kidsPACK Mission “No child goes hungry”! Delivering program food each week – with their hands always together, palms out, to dignify unity – these members have delivered more than 210,000 pounds of non-perishable food which allows kidsPACK to feed our homeless and/or food insecure starving children each week.

To join the Grace Giving for kidsPACK Facebook group go to

To learn more about kidsPACK, visit us on

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