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How is kidsPACK funded?

The first question kidsPACK is always asked; how is kidsPACK funded?


kidsPACK is 85% funded by Polk County, FL residents, corporations, and Churches. The other 15% of our funding comes from National grants from Hunger focused Corporations like No Kid Hungry and Charley’s kids. kidsPACK receives no federal or state funding and only a small portion comes from local county money (.03%)

kidsPACK is estimating to begin the 2022-2023 School year, which starts on Wednesday, August 10th, with 3,000 students needing kidsPACK support with food.

Since COVID and now the tremendous increase in food prices, gas, and many supplies that kidsPACK uses, the cost for a weekly kidsPACK has risen by 42.6667%!

Costs before COVID and Price Increases:

Costs points for the 
2022-2023 School Year:

Food costs $4.70

Packing, Fuel, wrap $.50

Administration support $.80

1 kidsPACK meal package $6.00

Annual sponsorship 1 child $300

Food costs $6.76

Packing, Fuel, Wrap $1.00

Administration support $.80

1 kidsPACK meal package $8.56

Annual sponsorship 1 child $428

kidsPACK operates during each regular school year (40 weeks) and during the Summer (10 weeks) for a total of 50 weeks each year.

2022-2023 kidsPACK Base Funding 3,000 Students x $428 per student = $1,284,000.00

How YOU can help:

Driving Force Partners $20,000.00

Impact Partners $10,000.00

Community Partners $5,000

Fellowship Partner $2,500

Association Partner $1,000

Child Advocate $400

For More information, please contact Patty Strickland at 863-272-7927 or [email protected] or our Board Chairman Randy Browning at [email protected]

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