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kidsPACK – How to Volunteer

If there is one thing in common with all non-profit organizations is that we all need Volunteers! kidsPACK has various opportunities to show your support and give you time, talents, and treasures to help make sure No Child goes hungry.

  • Packing Site Partner – If you are an organization and have at least 20 people you can become a Partner with kidsPACK. kidsPACK would provide food and packing supplies and the organization will be responsible for packing the kidsPACK and delivering the kidsPACK to the schools. kidsPACK will assign school(s) near the organizations location making travel more convenient.
  • Driver – when kidsPACK does not have an organization tagged to a school we rely on individual drivers to take the kidsPACK to those schools. Usually, these schools are in areas on the outside boundaries of Polk County like Alturas, Frostproof and Wahneta. kidsPACK will be picked up at our Warehouse and be driven to a school bi-weekly.


For more information on becoming a Packing Site partner or a driver for kidsPACK, contact Patty Strickland, Executive Director at [email protected]

· Special Packings – kidsPACK will hold a special packing for organizations that want to do a specific activity like a service program, Mission program, or Team Building. As this activity takes food, supplies and staff, the organization is asked to either hold a food drive or make a monetary donation to kidsPACK to hold this type of activity.

· Hold a food drive! This is easy but very beneficial to kidsPACK. kidsPACK can help with marketing and steps to set up with any organization. Don’t want to run your own food drive? Join Grace Giving for kidsPACK Facebook group that keeps current information on what food items are needed and gives you information to deliver.

To discuss community or business programs and/or food drives, contact Amy Royal, Program Manager at [email protected]

· Warehouse Volunteers – we frequently need volunteers to come into the warehouse and help us pack for about 20 schools that are not sponsored by an organization. Volunteer hours are Monday – Friday from 9am – 3pm

and you can register to come in on-line at All children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Volunteer questions? Contact Alyssa Spaller, Administrative Assistant at [email protected]

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