Legal Statement

Kid Pack, Inc. (DBA: kidsPACK/kidsPACK USA; AKA: Polk Project) exists to obtain, package, transport, and distribute meals to children that they can feed themselves when subsidized school meal programs are unavailable.

The food is obtained through purchase or donation from reputable manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers of commercially prepared and inspected foods. The foods are then manually packaged by volunteers into individual “kid packs”, which consist of two breakfasts, two lunches, and three dinners, and are designed to feed kids from school bell to school bell over the weekends.

Volunteer transport is then utilized to distribute the kid packs to participating schools, where teachers and/or school administrators deliver them to the qualifying kids each Friday for consumption over the weekend.

The program has initially been designed to bridge kids over the weekend to fill the gaps between school-subsidized meal programs; however, it is the intent to expand to program to feed kids whenever viable alternatives are unavailable.

The program has initially been developed and implemented in Polk County, Florida, where it has already exceeded feeding 367 kids in 26 schools in a single weekend. It is the intention to grow the program initially to other counties throughout Florida, then into other states, and eventually throughout the nation.

This program furthers our exempt purpose of charity by providing relief to poor, distressed, and underprivileged children by providing them with sufficient food and nourishment to sustain their basic needs.

It is impossible to determine the amount of time that is dedicated to the effort due to the numerous volunteers and goodwill necessary to run this program. Yet, every assurance can be given that the purpose of feeding kids remains at the forefront, and that any time dedicated to administration and/or fundraising is only done to the extent that it furthers our exempt purpose.

The activity is currently funded by private personal or corporate contributions, volunteer service, and donated products. However, as the program grows, it also plans to seek out grants and other forms of charitable support.